John Jeffries was a founding member of this Association and held office from its inception. He was one of a dedicated group of anglers who negotiated the initial lease between NRFFA and the water authority. During all his years of membership, he held office within the Association, many of them as Chairman and then as President. This long service was recognised when he was granted Life Membership. John was a gentle and considerate man who loved fishing and his beloved NRFFA. He is sorely missed by those who knew him,

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Roy Morris, Roy was a dedicated, long-term member and pillar of NRFFA who, as General Treasurer, was instrumental in creating the Association we have today. We miss his wisdom  and creative thinking and the NRFFA is poorer for his loss.

We also remember Don Cooper, a former secretary of the Association, who has recently passed away.

To these members, NRFFA was more than just a fishing club. Our enjoyment at the reservoirs today is due to their dedication and hard work over a large number of years,

Many thanks John, Roy and Don

Thanks to David Baker for writing these  obituaries.