Fishing Regulations

Fish must be treated with the utmost care at all times- ALL BROWN TROUT MUST BE RETURNED ALIVE!!

1.    Fly fishing only

2.    Catch and release plus a ” 2 fish a day ” kill limit. Fishing must cease after the second fish is killed.  (Any fished hooked and bleeding must be killed and counts towards bag limit.) All fishermen observe a 8 fish per pond catch and release limit, including 2 fish killed. ie up to 16 fish could be caught on any day

Please read the following regarding Catch and Release Etiquette: – NRFFA adopted a catch and release policy in the 2001 season, The policy has now been in place for 14 seasons.

Following a national survey into catch and release (Reviewed in Trout Fisherman, September 2012) your committee felt it worthwhile to review this policy. Consequently, the committee recommend the following suggestion for the coming season.

  1. All fishermen should attempt not to occupy any ‘hot spots,’ for an excessive length of time, but allow others access once a reasonable number of fish have been caught.

It is to be hoped that all who fish at Ynys-y-fro will adopt this suggestion.


3.    Only barbless hooks or those with squashed barbs may be used.

4.    A knotless net must be used at all times when landing fish.

5.    The use of spinning flies and any form of swivel are most strictly forbidden.

6.    Static line fishing is prohibited.

7.    All anglers must be in possession of a E.A license.

8.    Wading is totally prohibited on the grounds of safety.

9.    Anglers must only use one rod at a time.

10.  The bringing of dogs/radios onto the reservoirs is prohibited.

11.  All vehicles must be left in the car park.

12.  On arrival, all relevant information must be completed and entered into the appropriate Day Book prior to the starting of fishing.

The correct payment must be placed in an envelope and deposited into the safe.

13.  On completion of fishing, catch returns must be entered into the day book.

14.   Juniors (under 16) must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult

15.   All anglers must maintain a 20yd space from the next angler unless they agree otherwise. When fishing from a boat you must maintain a 40yd space from bank anglers.

16.   Anglers must when asked to do so by a authorized person,

       a :- produce their fishing permit and catch return.

      b :- declare and show their bag.

17.   In the interest of, and to protect wildlife on the reservoirs, persons depositing litter, particularly nylon line, but also including cigarette and cigar ends/wrapping, food wrappings and cans on the bank, in the boats or dropping them in the water will be asked to leave the water immediately and will forfeit their permit for the day. Persistent offenders will, in the case of members be dealt with in accordance with the Constitution, and non members risk being refused day permits in future.

18.  At the commencement of stocking, fishing will cease in the designated areas until re-start is authorized by the stocking officer.

19.   Accompanying non-fishing visitors must be signed into the visitors book.

20.   The last angler to leave the reservoirs must ensure that the hut and tea room are locked.

21. All Brown Trout must be returned unharmed

Happy fishing and tight lines