2018 Newsletter

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NRFFA Newsletter 2018

Chairman’s Message

Dear Members,

I begin my message by traditionally wishing you all, a happy and prosperous New Year.

As is customary, this message includes references to the past season. It would be reasonable to comment that, the first three months of the season and to a lesser extent, the final months of 2017, generally provided the quality of fishing for which Ynys-y-Fro is well known. However, whilst fishing remained reasonably good throughout the season on the top pond, a notable deterioration occurred on the bottom pond. Part of the problem can be blamed on the very warm conditions until the end of August and the resulting high water temperatures. Blame must also be attached to the serious damage caused to fish by cormorants. This is a severe problem which is seen on both ponds.

The concerns of NRFFA have ben regularly brought to our landlords Dwr Cymru.

The questions of water quality, climate problems affecting land based insects, use of insecticides, proliferation of small perch etc. have also been considered.

NRFFA have been working with Natural Resources Wales on the last item, it is still ‘A work in progress,’ more on this later.

So, what will 2018 hopefully provide? Firstly, a longer season, starting in mid-February and extending into late Autumn. Secondly, a stocking policy which will be biased towards early to mid-season and to the latter months of the year. Thirdly, an environment in which all can hopefully enjoy many tight lines, due to the hard work of your committee and a few ‘helpers.’ Fourthly, fishing at prices which continue to be highly competitive. Finally and most importantly, we hope for an improvement in the quality of fishing on the Bottom Pond.

In conclusion, a sincere vote of thanks is due to the small group of committee members and supporters who voluntarily give their time to maintain the reservoir and its surroundings.



A J Connor, Chair for the 2018 season.



Important Dates

Social evening: Friday 9th February at 7.30 pm.

Pre-season work party: Saturday 10th February at 10.00 am.

Season opens (members only) Saturday 17th February

Season opens (visitors): Monday 19th February at 7.00am

Boats available: Monday 19th February.



Social Evening
We look forward to seeing many of our members at the social evening at Risca Rugby Club on Friday 9th February from 7.30 onwards.
A buffet will be available.
There is no charge and you are invited to bring one guest along.

A chance to renew your membership and purchase your season ticket!!

Please return the form at the end of this newsletter to Phil Harper, if you intend coming, so that we can cater for the correct number.

Bottom Pond Improvement

A Welsh Water scientist has tested the water quality and although not perfect, there was nothing to suggest it was contributing to the lack of fly life or aquatic invertebrates.

We have also been working with a NRW Fisheries Officer and we are fairly confident that the recent deterioration (4~5 years or more) in fly hatches etc is due to the ever increasing population of perch. Perch are very efficient at feeding on aquatic invertebrates before the trout have the opportunity to, unfortunately they are equally notorious for becoming stunted as they do not predate live fish until they reach 6~7″ in length, but are able to breed well before this size is reached, often, members have reported catching large numbers of small perch often 2 or3 at a time from the bank, all signs pointing to large population of stunted fish.

During the Spring of next season will be carrying out a number of netting operations to transfer these fish to another water and also attempting to interrupt the spawning cycle to help restore the natural balance of the pond.

Pre-Season Work Party
Any member with an hour or two to spare will be most welcome at the work party on Saturday 10th February at approx. 10.00am.
Boats have to be put on the water, litter cleared, fences checked, etc. We look forward to seeing you then.


Membership Information

All renewals must be paid by 17th February.

Membership fees:       Adult   £ 25

Junior (under 16)   £ 10

Postal renewals should be sent to Phil Harper, enclosing the correct fee and a stamped, addressed envelope.

Please carry your membership card at all times when fishing. In order to validate their membership, members are required to sign their cards, to confirm that they are aware of the regulations of the Association.


Please note

As decided by the AGM, membership now expires the day before the beginning of the season each year. Thus members must renew by the beginning of the season if they wish to benefit from the privileges of membership from the opening day.

Our stocking officer, Steve Kean, will continue to supervise the purchase and delivery of fish in the coming season.
A total of 2000 fish will be stocked for the first month of the 2018 season. This will, as usual, be followed by regular stockings.

Web Site
Our Website Administrator, Adrian Moyse, is continuing to develop the club website which can be found at:
Anyone with suggestions for the website should speak to any committee member or contact Adrian by e-mail ade@nrffa.co.uk

Committee 2018

President               Martyn Williams

Vice President       Ken Bowring

Chairman               Adrian Connor

Secretary             Dave Slocombe

Website Administrator         Adrian Moyse

Membership Sec.   Phil Harper

General Treasurer   Gwyn Davies

Fishery Treasurer   Colin Jones

Stocking Officer     Steve Kean

Records Officer     Ann Kean

Head Bailiff             John McIndo

Committee Members

Laurie Fry

Brian Wareham

Keri Jones

Terry O’Connor

Useful Contacts

Chairman:     Adrian Connor

Secretary     Dave Slocombe

Records Officer:   Ann Kean


A Connor and A. Moyse can be contacted via club web site.

Membership secretary: Phil Harper

38, Brookside,

St. Dials,

Cwmbran     NP44 4NB

Fishery Treasurer:   Colin Jones

50, Ruskin Avenue


Newport   NP10 0ED

Catch and Release Policy

The following Catch and Release policy is  mandatory for all members and visitors, and will form part of the fishery regulations.

A catch limit of 8 fish per pond must be observed by all anglers. This limit includes the 2 fish killed.  

  1. a maximum of 16 fish per day can be caught.

Monitoring of this policy will be undertaken by the Head Bailiff and all committee members.

Occupation of popular ‘Hot spots.’

All fishermen are requested not to continually occupy any ‘hotspots,’ but to allow other fishermen access after a reasonable number of fish have been caught.

The committee would also point out, that the practice of leaving fishing equipment unattended at any area of both ponds, is not Association policy, especially where the intention is to reserve a fishing spot when the angler is not present.


Security at Reservoir
The Health and Safety policy of Welsh Water states that reservoir access gates must be kept locked. To allow our members access, combination locks have been put on the gates.
Failure to comply with this could jeopardise our lease, so please be vigilant in this matter.


Our head bailiff John McIndo will be co-ordinating all bailiffing duties.
We would like to remind members that a barbless hook policy is in operation on both ponds. Regular hook checks will again be made this season.
Please be aware of the dangers that discarded nylon and fluorocarbon present to wildlife. All members are asked to ensure that these are disposed of carefully in the litter bins provided at the hut, or taken home.


Members Views
If any member has a question they wish to ask or an issue they wish to raise, please contact any committee member



Trout Masters

Following a ‘fish-off, at Ynys-y-Fro, Richard Bateman represented our Association at the Trout Masters final for the 2016/17 season. He finished a creditable 39th out of 88 competitors, having encountered some very difficult bank fishing conditions during the morning session.

In the 2017 season, Trout Masters was again successful at Ynys-Y-Fro, with twenty-six badges won by a total of fifteen members and visitors.


The ‘fish-off,’ to select our representative at the Trout Masters Final will be held in April 2018.

During the 2018 season, we will continue to be a Troutmasters water.

Entry forms, which should be sent directly to Troutmasters, will be available in the hut, along with information about the competition.


Brown Trout
We remind you that BROWN TROUT MUST NOT BE KILLED and these do  not count in your 8 fish catch and release limit per reservoir.


Outboard Motors
The committee are pleased to announce that the use of electric motors with sealed batteries continues to be allowed, under the same rules as last season.


Sad News

We note with regret, the passing of Matt Smith. Dave Prowse and Dave Boyatt during the last season.

Day Tickets and Boat Tickets
When paying, please ensure that all payments are correct and made in notes and large denomination coins as Colin has to count all this money and carry it to the bank!

Ticket Prices 2018

Once more, we are pleased to say that ticket prices for members will remain the same this season, keeping our fishing very good value for money.


Full season permit                     £235

(unlimited visits / 100 fish limit)

Junior (under 16) / Student       £ 80

(unlimited visits / 50 fish limit)

Full day permit                           £ 8

(catch and release +2 fish limit)

Junior / Student day permit     £ 4

(catch and release +2 fish limit)


Student applies to members under 18 years of age and in full-time education.

If applying by post, please remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope.


Day permit                                £12

(catch and release +2 fish limit)

Junior / Student                       £ 5

(catch and release +2 fish limit)


Members                        £3

Non-members                 £6

Season tickets can be obtained from Colin Jones at his address or at the social evening.

Social Evening Attendance
I will be attending the Social Evening on Friday 9th February 2018.
I will / will not be bringing a guest. (delete as applicable)

Please inform Phil Harper, 38 Brookside, St. Dials, Cwmbran NP44 4NB


Starting Time
Fishing commences at 7.00am. No anglers should enter the car park before 6.45am

Finally, thanks  to all members who attended this year’s A.G.M. for your support. NRFFA is your Association and by fishing at Ynysyfro, welcoming visitors and attending the AGM you are ensuring the association prospers.