Fishing Reports 2018

The reservoirs will close for the 2018/19 season on January 6th 2019.

Due to some horses being easily ‘spooked’ ALL anglers fishing the railings bank on the top reservoir MUST stop casting until any horse rider has completely passed this section of the lane. The horse rider may make their presence known to any angler who has not noticed them.

Please ENSURE YOU ARE USING DE-BARBED OR BARBLESS HOOKS as regular checks will be made by Bailiffs.





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31st December

It was pleasing to see anglers taking advantage of Ynysyfro’s Christmas Holiday opening hours with Stewart Gordon visiting the reservoir on Christmas Day to catch some trout while other ‘less fortunate’ anglers who had over indulged the festive fare could barely move let alone cast.

There were no visitors on Boxing Day to ‘trouble’ the trout but on the Thursday Shaun Cottrell caught 5 and Keith Higgins 3 using a combination of egg fly and indicator and lures on an intermediate. Adrian Moyse used a green lure on a fast intermediate to catch 3 trout and lost several others. His catch included a beautifully marked Brown Trout of 2lb plus which was caught on his first cast while Brian Wareham caught 1 trout using an indicator and egg fly.

Friday saw Brian Wareham return to use the same tactics for exactly the same result (1 trout). Terry O’Connor also used an indicator and caught 2 trout while Wynne Jones used a combination of tactics to catch his 4 trout. Roy Jones also caught 2 trout and Chris Daniels 1 using a floating line and nymphs.

Saturday saw John Eynon catch 4, Stephen Snape 3, Brain Wareham 2 and Dave Slocombe 1. Sunday saw more anglers visiting the reservoir and day ticket angler Luke Thomas caught a limit bag of 8 fish using an indicator and egg fly. Shaun Cottrell returned to the reservoir to catch 6, Dave Howells caught 5 using a floating line and nymphs, Keith Higgins caught 3, Anthony Harris 2 and Terry O’Connor 1.

New Year’s Eve saw a few anglers looking to catch their last fish of 2018. Wynne Jones caught 3 using indicator tactics, Adrian Moyse caught 3 and lost 2 using a fast intermediate line and green lure, Dave Slocombe caught 2 with Colin Jones and Stewart Gordon catching 1 each.

NRFFA would like to remind visitors and members that the reservoirs close on the 6th of January and that they will re-open on the 16th of February. Also, the bottom reservoir is likely to remain unfishable for at least 4 months. Therefore, there may be more angling pressure on the top reservoir and anglers should ensure that their behaviour takes this into account and ensure that everyone has a ‘fair’ opportunity to catch fish from the reservoir.

Finally NRFFA’s committee would like to wish all its members and those anglers who have visited the reservoirs in 2018 a Happy New Year.

24th December

With the festive season upon us it appears that most anglers have been caught up in the preparations and celebrations rather than visiting the reservoirs.

The small number of committee members who spend the last two hours of daylight casting a line while they have a ‘natter’ have made up the majority of the anglers. Of these Colin Jones has been the most successful with his yellow egg fly fished under an indicator resulting in catches of 3, 2 (twice) and 1. Phil Harper has used the same method but fished a pink buzzer for his catches of 2, 1 and 1. John McIndo has also used indicators and egg flies for his catches of 2 and 1 fish.

Other anglers to catch fish have used more traditional floating line tactics combined with nymphs or lures have included Martyn Rees with an excellent catch of 5, Anthony Hughes with 3 with Dave Slocombe and Peter Davies catching 1 each.

On Sunday Adrian Moyse took 2 rods; an indicator rod set up and an intermediate line with lures. Although the indicator rod was used he could not make this method work for him and caught all his fish on the intermediate fishing a green damsel variant. Surprisingly 7 of his 8 fish were caught from the shallow area from the ‘tump’ to the reeds area, with the last of his fish being caught from the wood’s bank. All of the fish took the fly positively and often the fish could be seen following and taking the fly in the crystal clear water.

Fellow Sunday anglers Keith Higgins and Shaun Cottrell caught 2 fish each using a combination of indicator and lure tactics.

All the fish caught have been in excellent condition and have fought extremely well. NRFFA would like to remind all anglers the top reservoir is open for fishing until the 6th of January including Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. However, if you do decide to take advantage of this please be respectful of our neighbours regarding noise and drive carefully.

All the NRFFA committee would like to wish all of Ynysyfro’s anglers Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year and thank you for supporting the reservoir by your attendance #useitorloseit.


16th December

The continuation of the strong winds and heavy rain again meant few anglers visited the reservoirs. Following on from last week egg flies and squirmy worms fished under an indicator have been the most successful followed by fishing lures on an intermediate line.

Luke Thomas caught 6 fish on Sunday using indicator tactics, with Stephen Snape and Peter Davies catching 4 each. Colin Jones made 2 visits to the reservoirs and on each occasion caught 3 fish using a yellow egg fly fished about 4 feet under an indicator, but Colin reported losing twice as many fish as he landed.

Brian Green caught 2 using a yellow blob and there were numerous anglers who caught 1 fish each including Terry Hughes, Gareth West, Phil Morgan, Roy Jones, Alan Vaisey, Phil Harper and Shaun Cottrell.

NRFFA would like to remind anglers that the top reservoir will remain open all over the festive period but could any anglers please consider the persons who live in this area and keep below 15mph when driving down the access lane.

Also, due to some horses being easily spooked all anglers should respect horse riders and look out for these when fishing the railings bank. It has been agreed with the nearby stables that the horse riders will make themselves known to anglers who will not cast until the horse has completely cleared the railings bank (this is due to horses having very good peripheral vision). However, if an angler informs the horse rider they have a fish on then the horse rider will wait until the fish has been landed before proceeding.

Currently fish are being caught from all areas of the reservoir and as previously mentioned egg flies under an in indicator or using an intermediate line with a cats whisker, damsel or tadpole are successful tactics.

9th December

The heavy rains and high winds continued from the previous week and meant that again anglers were few and far between.

However, those anglers who visited the reservoirs found the fish in obliging mood and although catch numbers were not high, most anglers caught.

The fish are well spread out all over the reservoir and most are being caught in the upper layers to a variety of methods. Floating lines fished with nymphs, ‘squirmy worms’ or egg flies are catching and using an indicator means that your fly is kept at the correct depth for longer and that the slightest ‘interest’ from a trout can be seen.

Floating lines are also being used to good effect to fish lures and blobs but most of the more successful ‘lure anglers’ are using intermediate sinking lines which provide better contact to the fly when the wind is strong. Damsels, cat’s whiskers, tadpoles, blobs and montanas are the pick of the lures and as the fish are in the upper layers the shallower banks on the woods and horse’s field side are where most of the rout can be seen moving.

Adrian Moyse caught 7 fish using an intermediate line and tadpoles with a variety of retrieves. He experienced several takes ‘on the drop’ and anglers are advised to cast out ‘straighten’ their line and feel for any indications as the fly drops through the layers to their chosen retrieval depth.

Keith Higgins fished a few hours to catch his four and short sessions were what most anglers chose to fish to avoid the adverse weather. Andrew Brann caught 3 with Brian Green, Phil Morgan, Bernard Hartland and Brian Wareham all catching one a piece.

All anglers are reminded of the need to use barbless hooks and to ensure fish are released as quickly as possible to minimise the stress on them. The fish are currently in superb condition and are taking fly lines down to the backing as they are fighting so hard. NRFFA would like to remind anglers that the reservoirs will remain open until January the 6th which provides anglers with the opportunity to try their new ‘Christmas presents’. The reservoirs are open Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day but please take care should the weather be icy or snowy.

2nd December 

The past week’s high winds and squalls meant that few anglers visited Ynysyfro but those hardy souls that visited the reservoir found sport rewarding. But please note that the bottom reservoir remains unfishable and it is anticipated that this situation will last until at least April 2019.

Consequently, all the recent stocking has gone into the top reservoir and this is producing consistent sport with most people catching fish but limit bags are difficult. Fish are being caught from all over the reservoir with the fish appearing to be well spread out in small ‘pods’.

Monday saw Kevin Bowring catch 7 from the woods bank while Bryn Burgess and Roy Jones caught 2 each.

The poor weather kept anglers away until Friday when all the anglers who visited the reservoir caught. Anthony Hughes caught 5 with the rest of the anglers (Dave Howells, Roy Jones, Wynne Jones, Adrian Moyse and Jeff Wilson) who fished surprisingly all caught 4 each.

The weekend saw Keith Higgins make two visits to catch 6 and 4 fish respectively. While Jeff Wilson caught 5, Shaun Cottrell 4 while Martyn Rees, Roy Jones and Steve Curtis caught 3 fish each with Bob Bradley and Brian Wareham catching a brace each.

The fish have been caught using a variety of tactics with floating and sinking lines being productive. Indicators and egg flies have continued to produce as have damsel and cats whisker lures fished on intermediate lines. The reservoir will remain open until January the 6th and provides excellent value fishing with a full days catch and release ticket which includes taking 2 fish ‘for the table’ a mere £12 for a day ticket visitor.

25th November

Last week has seen anglers consistently catch fish from all parts of the reservoir with some anglers catching the 8 fish catch and release limit. Although floating line tactics are producing fish, sinking lines and lures seem to be the most productive tactic.

Monday saw welsh international angler Sally Isles visit the reservoir and her 4 fish catch was the best of the day. Other catches were Colin Jones 2 with Brian Green, Brian Wareham and Terry O’Connor catching 1 each.

Tuesday saw the first 8 fish ‘limit’ of the week and this was achieved by Roy Jones. Howard Davies, Ken Pascoe and Jeff Wilson caught 3 each, Brian Wareham caught 2 with Terry O’Connor and Peter Davies 1 apiece.

Wednesday saw an increase in angler numbers and Ken Bowring was the day’s ‘top rod’ with 7. Peter Davie caught 4, Bryn Burgess 3, Brian Wareham and Roy Jones 2 each followed by Phil Morgan, Bernard Hartland, Ivor Thomas, Colin Jones, John McIndo and Alan Clark with 1 fish apiece.

Thursday again saw most anglers using sinking lines with Roger Jones catching 7 and Keith Higgins 5 pulling damsel lures on fast intermediate lines. Peter Davies caught 4 with Martin Lewis, Terry O’Connor, Phil Morgan and John McIndo with a brace each.

Friday only saw 3 anglers visit the reservoir and all caught. Keith Higgins managed to catch an 8 fish limit and reported lots of ‘nips’ and follows as well. Brian Green caught 3 and Peter Davies 2.

The weekend saw an increase in the number of anglers and Keith Higgins made two visits to record catches of 2 and 8 respectively. Roy jones caught 4 from the ‘wood bank’ using a sinking line and damsel lure. Dave Howells also caught 4 with Martyn Rees catching 3; Ken Bowring, Adrian Moyse, John McIndo and Anthony Hughes caught 2 each and on 1 apiece was John Eynon, Terry Hughes, Alan Rees and Chris Daniels.

Sport continues to look good for the rest of the extended season (season ends on the 6th January) with fish showing from all areas of the reservoir. Currently sinking lines and lures are outfishing floating line tactics but having a flexible approach and moving if one spot does not produce will give you the best chance of enjoying good sport at Ynysyfro.

18th November

Ynysyfro has maintained its excellent stocking policy with a large number of fish having been introduced this week. However, the clear water and lack of ripple on the water has meant it is currently easier to spot the fish than land them. Often fish can be seen attacking the fly or following the fly into the margins without the angler experiencing a positive ‘hook up’.

Monday and Tuesday saw some good returns with Ken Bowring catching 6 and 4 trout, Roger Jones had an excellent catch of 8, Ivor Thomas and Roy Mealing had 3 each. On 2 fish each were Keith Higgins, Phil Harper and Steve Kean with Terry O’Connor, John McIndo and Phil Morgan catching one apiece.

Wednesday and Thursday saw the angling proving frustrating with numerous fish ‘spotted’ but few landed. Ken Bowring returned to catch 4 and this total was matched by Keith Higgins. Bob Bradley and Phil Morgan caught 2 each with Brian Wareham, Ivor Thomas, Bernard Stephen, Barry Jones, Phil Harper and Richard Young all catching 1 fish each.

Friday saw more anglers visit with Wynne Jones and Anthony Hughes catching 3 each; followed by Gwyn Davies, Terry Hughes, Mark Roberts and day ticket angler J Groves who all caught 2 apiece.

The weekend saw much the same with angler’s frustrated by the number of trout that could be seen rising, following flies and not properly taking flies. Day ticket visitor managed to catch 5, Keith Higgins 4, Alan Rees and Brian Wareham 3, Dave Howells, Stewart Gordon and Bob Bradley 2 while John Eynon, Phil Morgan, Stephen Snape and Richard Harris caught 1 fish each.

As can be seen from the catch returns it is currently quite difficult to catch large numbers of fish as they appear to be well spread out and are not shoaled up. The positive is that wherever you are fishing there should be fish in front of you as shown by anglers catching from all areas of the reservoir. Currently floating lines fished with nymphs seem to be out fishing sinking lines as the fish appear to be about 3-4 foot down. Damsel flies on a long leader have produced as have egg flies fished below indicators.

10th November 

At present the bottom reservoir is now unfishable on safety grounds while Dwr Cymru completes maintenance works. The top reservoir is continuing to provide good sport with the trout in excellent condition and fighting extremely well.

Monday saw some good catches with Adrian Moyse catching 7 from several areas of the reservoir using an intermediate line and a cat’s whisker fly. Ken Bowring caught 5, Roger Jones and Dave Woods caught 4 each, Anthony Harris 3, Ivor Thomas, John Edwards, Ivor Thomas and Alan Rees 2 a piece with Phil Harper catching 1 trout.

Tuesday saw less anglers and Roy Mealing had the highest catch of 3, with Bryn Burgess, Tom Collier, Rob Collier and Mark Beacham all catching 1 trout each.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday again saw few anglers visiting the reservoirs. Adrian Moyse returned to catch a further 5 using an intermediate line and various lures while Martyn Williams favoured a floating line to catch his 3 trout. Brian Wareham and Wynne Jones caught 2 each using a variety of lines and tactics.

The weekend saw more anglers visit the reservoirs and some good catches were recorded. Shaun Cottrell caught 7, Keith Higgins 5, Dean Connelly and Adrian Moyse caught 4 each, Chris Daniels 3 while Bob Bradley, Brian Wareham and Anthony Hughes caught 2 each. The following anglers caught 1 fish each, Alan Rees, Ivor Thomas, John McIndo, Phil Harper and Peter Davies.

At present lures and fishing buzzers under an indicator are proving successful tactics. The water is extremely clear and it is wise to use a pair of polarised sunglasses as often you can see the fish taking a fly several feet underwater before a ‘take’ is registered. Fish are being caught from all areas of the reservoir, the deeper water from the railings bank produced most fish midweek but over the weekend egg flies fished under an indicator were the most successful tactic.

3rd November

Last week has again only seen a small number of anglers visiting Ynysyfro reservoirs but those who have visited have commented on the quality of the trout and the fight they put up. Due to the decreased water level in the top reservoir no-one has fished the bottom reservoir and all the catch returns refer to the top reservoir.

Monday saw Roy Jones catch 7, Shaun Cottrell 6, Keith Higgins 5, and Ken Bowring 2 while Terry O’Connor, Ivor Thomas and Brian Wareham caught 1 each.

Tuesday saw regulars Ken Bowring and Roy Jones return to catch 8 each. Roy Mealing caught 3 while Dean Connely, Chris Daniels, Bryn Burgess and day ticket visitor T. Collier caught 2 each.

Wednesday saw Ken Bowring return to catch a further 8 fish limit, Dave Howells caught 4, Martyn Williams 3 and John Eynon 2. Day ticket anglers did well with Gethin Bowes catching 5 followed by Bob Cook and Colin Fox with 2 each.

Thursday saw Ken Bowring return to find sport a bit slower and he caught 4. Adrian Moyse fished various spots on the reservoir using an intermediate line with a cat’s whisker pattern fly and his 7 fish came from all areas with no single spot holding a shoal of trout. Martyn Rees caught 5, Martyn Williams 3, day ticket angler Anthony Harris 2 while Brian Wareham and Colin Jones caught 1 trout each.

Friday saw only a few anglers visit the reservoirs. Gwyn Davies fished a team of buzzers on a floating line and caught 5 fish with the majority of his fish coming from the ‘hedge bank’. Martyn Rees and Roy Jones caught 3 each while Phil Harper caught a single fish.

The weekend’s weather resulted in only a few anglers visiting the reservoirs and the top catch was Stewart Gordon with 4, day ticket visitors Matt Harvey and Nigel Baldwin did well catching 3 and 2 trout respectively. Other anglers to catch were Martyn Rees and Shaun Cottrell with 2 trout; other anglers who caught 1 fish each were John Eynon, Alan Rees, Peter Davies and Ivor Thomas.

Prospects for the rest of the season continue to look good and the fish are providing an excellent account of themselves. Fish are being caught all over the reservoir and a mobile approach to locate fish is a successful tactic. However, the ‘hedge bank’ and ‘wood bank’ seem to be the most consistent areas. Anglers are catching on various fly patterns with tadpoles, cat’s whiskers, buzzers and diawl bachs being the most effective fished in conjunction with a floating or intermediate line.

28th October 

Again the bottom reservoir was almost unfishable with the water level having been dropped by about 14 foot. The early part of the week saw catch returns fall away from the previous week’s numbers. Monday only saw one angler to catch in excess of 2 trout; Ken Bowring’s 3 trout were followed by Keith Higgins, Alan Rees and Paul Elsworthy with 2 fish each. While Shaun Cottrell, Brian Green, Wynne Jones and Jeff Evans could only land 1 fish each but all anglers experienced follows and ‘nips’ which did not result in positive ‘hook ups’.

Tuesday saw Ken Bowring return to the top reservoir to catch a further 2 fish, Roy Mealing, Chris Daniels and Brian Wareham all caught 1 fish each. While Stuart Smith managed to find a position on the bottom reservoir where he could safely fish and was rewarded with a 3 fish catch.

On the top reservoir Wednesday saw Roger Jones catch 5, Brian Wareham 2 while Roy Jones, Bernard Stephens and Alan Rees all caught 1 each. John McIndo braved the mud on the bottom reservoir and did well to catch a grown on trout from the bottom reservoir.

Thursday saw more anglers visiting the reservoirs with Chris Daniels catching 2 from the bottom reservoir. All the other anglers fished the top reservoir with Roy Mealing catching 6, Brian Wareham 3, Ken Bowring, Colin Jones and Bryn Burgess catching 2 each. While John McIndo, Terry O’Connor and Anthony Hughes caught 1 trout each. Gwyn Davies caught 4 fish using a floating line and a team of buzzers. Gwyn had 2 early on from the ‘hedge bank’ before moving to near the inlet where he added his further brace.

Friday saw Ken Bowring return to catch 8 fish, Phil Harper 6, John McIndo 2, Brian Wareham 2, Bernard Hartland and Terry O’Connor 1 each.

Saturday saw the improvement continue with 3 anglers (Martyn Rees, Adrian Moyse and Roy Jones) catching their 8 fish in a short period of time. Stewart Gordon used a yellow dancer fly on an intermediate line for his 7; Keith Higgins caught 6, John Eynon 5 and J Williams 3.

Sunday saw a continuation of the good sport with Jeff Wilson catching 8 from the ‘hedge’ bank, Keith Higgins and Adrian Moyse caught 6 each. Visitors M. Harvey and A. Jenkins both fished black tadpole flies to catch 5 and 2 trout respectively. While Colin jones and Shaun Cottrell used cats whisker patterns to catch 3 fish each.

At the moment fish are being caught on various methods including indicator and ‘egg fly’, floating lines using buzzers and sinking lines with lures; with the majority of fish being caught in the top four foot of water. However, as the water temperature drops the fish will tend to be caught deeper.

The cooler weather is suiting the trout and they are fighting extremely well but to catch a good bag of fish it is a good idea to move until you find where the fish are. Current ‘hot spots’ are the ‘woods’ and ‘hedge’ bank but fish are being caught from all parts of the reservoir.

21st October

During the last week, Ynysyfro has seen catch returns continuing to improve with lots of anglers reaching the 8 fish catch and return limit. NRFFA’s policy of regular stocking is ensuring there are lots of ‘freshly introduced’ fish in the reservoir which are easier to catch than the fish which have been present in the reservoirs for some time and consequently have ‘wised up’.

Anglers who caught 8 fish returns were Ken Bowring (3x limit catches plus other catches of 2 and 1), Chris Daniels (2x limit catches), Gwyn Davies, Bernard Stephens and Adrian Moyse.

Gwyn caught his fish using a floating line from the ‘Hedge bank’ using a figure of 8 retrieve with Corixa, Diawl Bach, Hare’s Ear and PTN patterns all being responsible for 2 fish each.

Stewart Gordon caught 7 good sized rainbows and there were multiple anglers catching 5 fish including, Phil Morgan, Kevin Pinkney, Ivor Thomas, Phil Morgan (twice) and Roy Jones. There was also a long list of anglers catching 4 fish; Roy Jones, Steve Mitchell, Phil Morgan, Bernard Stephens and Alan Vaisey. Ken Pascoe caught 3 rainbows and there was a large number of anglers who caught 1 or 2 fish.

The weekend saw some ‘un-seasonally’ warm weather and this resulted in an increase in the number of anglers visiting Ynysyfro. Keith Higgins had the best catch return on Saturday with 7 trout, Martyn Rees and Jeff Wilson caught 4, Ivor Thomas caught 3 and there were numerous anglers who caught 2 fish each including day. But particular mention must be made to day ticket visitor M Harvey who was looking to catch his first ever trout and after some advice from a committee member ‘cracked it’ with a 3lb plus rainbow which he expertly landed. Then, using the same fly the committee member had given him, caught his second ever trout in quick succession.

Therefore, if you are new to fly fishing or new to Ynysyfro reservoirs please do not hesitate to speak to fellow anglers at Ynysyfro as you will get a warm welcome and plenty of good advice regarding tactics, ‘hotspots’ and flies.

On Sunday the fishing was ‘slower’, but day ticket visitors D Roberts and Richard Harris did very well to catch 6 and 4 fish respectively. Adrian Moyse again used lures and blobs on a sinking line to catch 5 and lost the same amount. It appeared that the fish were far more cautious and he experienced lots of follows and ‘nips’ at his tadpole patterns which did not result in positive ‘hook ups’. Ken Bowring, Shaun Cottril, Brian Wareham and Mark Roberts caught 2 each and Brian Morris 1.

This week the fish have been caught all over the reservoir but the ‘hotspots’ are the ‘wood’s bank’ and the opposite bank the ‘hedge bank’. Floating lines and slow intermediate lines have been the most successful with the fish often in the upper layers. Prospects remain excellent for the rest of the season with the weather cooling and lots of new stockings being planned.

14th October 

Ynysyfro has seen some excellent trout caught in the last week with several 3lb plus trout caught by a variety of anglers.

Gwyn Davies fished the tump and caught 5 on a Corixa pattern before moving to the ‘hedge bank’ to catch another trout to the same pattern.

Jeff Wilson caught 7 from the top reservoir and added a further fish to this from the bottom reservoir. No other anglers fished the bottom reservoir because the level has been reduced by 10 foot for maintenance works,

Adrian Moyse fished a variety of lures on an intermediate line to catch 8 fish and lost 6 with numerous ‘knocks and plucks’. He adopted a mobile approach and caught from the ‘tump’, ‘railings bank’ and ‘horse bank’ on Cat’s Whiskers, Damsels and Black Tadpoles.

Other anglers who enjoyed good sport were Jeff Evans catching 6, Roger Jones 4, Barry Jones 3, Brian Green 2, Gareth West 2, while Steve Kean, John Eynon, Phil Harper, Terry O’Connor and Roy Jones all caught 1 a trout each. Stewart Gordon caught  a lovely brown trout estimated to be in excess of 2 and a half pound in his 2 fish catch which included a rainbow.

Several anglers visited reservoirs on more than one occasion this week with Ken Bowring catching 3 and 2, Keith Higgins 1 and 2, Colin Jones 2, 1 and 1, John McIndo 1 and 1, Brian Wareham 2 and 1. Corixa, damsel, black tadpoles and white lures have been the pick of the flies but buzzers have also caught fish.

Sunday’s strong winds and heavy rain meant that anglers were few and far between in the morning. However, when the rain subsided a good few anglers fished in the afternoon. All areas of the reservoir produced fish and a variety of tactics varying from ‘egg fly and indicator’ to pulling lures on an intermediate line all produced fish. Stewart Gordon and Adrian Moyse both caught 4, Brian Wareham and Stephen Snape 2 each with Colin Jones, Brian Morris and Keri Jones catching 1 each.

At present very few anglers are visiting the reservoirs because of the unsettled weather but those who are have ‘dared the elements’ have enjoyed some excellent sport. The fish are in excellent condition and are often taking angler’s line ‘down to the backing’. With more settled weather forecast for the coming week prospects look very good and with a day ticket only costing £12 which includes 2 fish kill and allows a further 6 fish to be caught and released (fishing must cease when the second fish is killed) the fishery offers exceptional value for money.

6th October 

NRFFA’s stocking policy has resulted in a huge improvement in fishing with some excellent catches reported over the last week. At present the water level on the bottom reservoir has been dropped by about 6 feet and NRFFA has decided to concentrate its stocking on the top reservoir where anglers are enjoying some hectic sport.

Roger Jones caught his 8 fish limit using a floating line, 15 foot leader and a mixture of cat’s whiskers, orange blob and black tadpole. Gordon Stewart has made several visits to the reservoir catching 2, 7 and 8 fish with all the fish coming to buzzers or a black wooley bugger fished on an intermediate line.

Several other anglers also took 8 fish limit catches with the fish coming to intermediate lines and various lures. Lee Ashcroft, Stephen Snape and Lee Ashcroft caught 7 fish each, Paul Jennings and John Eynon 6; Paul Elsworthy, Keith Higgins and Chris Daniels 5 each and Ivor Thomas caught 4. Day ticket visitor Tom Collier had a good day and caught 4 fish while his companion Rod Collier caught 2 as did another day ticket angler Mike Bryant who again caught 2. Ken Bowring visited the reservoirs 4 times and took 2 fish each time. Other anglers who caught 2 fish are Phil Harper, Mark Bryant, Bryn Burgess, Richard Young, Roy Jones, Colin Poole, Mark Waters, Bernard Stephens, Martyn Rees, Ivor Thomas and Gareth Neale. Anglers who caught 1 fish each are; Alan Vaisey, John McIndo, Phil Harper and Brian Wareham.

With the fish in perfect condition anglers have experienced some epic battles with fish regularly taking the line down to the backing and with lots of ‘snap offs’. The prospects for the next week look excellent with the fish really switching on and enjoying the cooler water temperatures.

30th September

Catch returns have continued to improve as the water temperature has dropped and more anglers have taken advantage of the cooler but dry Autumnal days. The bottom reservoir has had its water level reduced for essential maintenance and consequently few anglers are fishing this. The top reservoir has produced the majority of the catches and has been stocked again this week with a large number of fish to complement last week’s stocking.

During the week Ken Pascoe and Howard Davies fished from a boat on the bottom reservoir and caught 4 fish each while Sally Ann Isles caught 4 form the bank which she followed with a further 4 from the top reservoir.

Gwyn Davies caught 5 on the top reservoir using a Corixa pattern for most of his fish while Adrian Moyse caught 4 using damsel and tadpole patterns. Brian James and Bernard Hartland caught 5 each with Bernard returning to catch another 2.

Other notable returns for the top reservoir include Terry O’Connor 4, Bryn Burgess, Alan Clark, Ivor Thomas and Keith Higgins all catching 3 fish each. Bob Peake and Brian Morris caught 2 fish each with Granville Thomas, Carl Moyse and Steve Kean catching 1 fish each. Top rod on the top reservoir was Alan Rees catching 7.

On Saturday the sport really improved on the top reservoir with Bryn Burgess catching 8, Ivor Thomas 7, Keith Higgins and Stephen Snape 6 each, Sally Anne Isles made another visit and caught 4. Dean Connelly caught 3, followed by Ken Bowring, Richard Young and Steve Kean who all caught 2 rainbow trout each.

All of the fish caught have been in excellent condition and lots of 3lb fish are being caught. The hotspots on the top reservoir are the tump area and the woods bank. However, the fish appear to be well spread out and are taking flies fished in the top 3 foot of the water with a multitude of patterns catching.

If you are fishing catch and release can you please ensure fish welfare is prioritised; remember it is good practice to allow the fish to recover in your landing net before you release it.

Prospects for the next few weeks are extremely good with forecasted cooler weather and lots of newly stocked fish.

23rd September

The continuing cooler weather has resulted in a drop in water temperature and NRFFA have been quick to take advantage of this to stock both the top and bottom reservoirs. However, the negative associated with the weather is the heavy rain and strong winds that have resulted in a low number of anglers and the top reservoir being heavily coloured. Also, on the bottom pond the water level has been reduced by several feet to allow Welsh Water to carry out maintenance work and this has made some areas unfishable and care should be taken due to the slippery nature of the exposed stones.

Those anglers who have fished have been rewarded with some excellent quality fish which are fighting well. Gwyn Davies fished the top reservoir and caught 2 rainbows both in excess of two and a half pounds, caught using a floating line with GRHE and corixa patterns the successful flies. Stewart Gordon was top rod catching 8 from the top pond using a black and green wooly bugger combined with a green buzzer on an intermediate line for his fish.

Adrian Moyse also caught 2 from the top pond with one of his rainbows being in excess of 3lb. However, he used different tactics with an intermediate line and a black tadpole proving successful. Stuart Gordon caught a further 3 from the top reservoir (with one fish weighing 3 and a half pounds) to add to his rainbow caught from the bottom reservoir.

Other anglers to catch fish were Graham I Evans 1 from the top reservoir; while Terry O’Connor and Phil Harper who had a fish apiece from the bottom reservoir.

NRFFA will continue to stock the reservoirs until the end of season which is the 30th of November and invite members and day ticket visitors to take advantage of the excellently priced fishing. Day tickets for members are £8 and non-members £12 which allows you take 2 fish (fishing must be stopped once the 2nd fish is killed) and 8 fish catch and release for each reservoir (16 fish catch and release total). Children under the age of 16 can fish free ‘sharing’ an adult anglers ticket but must be accompanied by the adult angler at all times.

Further information can be found on NRFFA’s website at

17th September

On the Bottom pond regular boat partners Craig Bowles and Dave Smith had a fruitful morning session with Craig landing 7 using a dry Hopper whilst Dave boated one, around the banks, it was a case of searching for fish showing on the surface and Wynne Jones employed this tactic to land 5 using a Black Tadpole and Squirmy Worm combination, other successful anglers were Steve Docherty, Roy Jones, Alan Clarke and Association President Martyn Williams with 2 apiece, also landing fish were Mike Williams and visitor D. Stonewell.

The water clarity on the Top pond is still not ideal but it continues to provide good results and the best returns were recorded by Dave Howells with 4 using a small black Cormorant, whilst Graeme Ingram Evans and Gwyn Davies using a Corixa pattern both landed 3, Ivor Thomas used a Black Pennell to land 2 Rainbows adding to a Brown trout estimated at 1 1/2 lbs caught earlier in the week, other who recorded returns were Martyn Williams, Mike Padfield, Andrew Brann, Getting Bowes and visitor Mark Cox.

Stocking officer Steve Kean is regularly monitoring the water temperatures and is hopeful conditions will be favourable very shortly.

9th September

The Top pond has continued to provide the best of the returns recently and this week was no exception, even with a less than an ideal water clarity it has fished well especially for those anglers willing to persevere, Graeme Ingram Evans led the way to land 6 using a Black & Peacock spider/ Damsel combination, Wynne Jones recorded 3 whilst Steven Curtis, Brian Morris, Anthony Hughes, Gething Bowes, Roy Jones, Gwyn Davies and visitor D Cross all netted 2, also among the fish were Eddie Ricci, Brian Wareham, Terry Hughes, Ivor Thomas and Norman Curtis, fish are also being caught using a floating line with imitative patterns such as Corixa and Damsels as well as small dark attractor patterns.

The Bottom Pond has proved slightly more of a challenge but Dave Arlotte landed 3, Shaun Cotterell, Dave Howells, visitors Richard Harris and Alan Clarke all had a brace apiece, the most successful method being a floating line with Hoppers fished both on and just below the surface especially off the dam wall.

2nd September

The cooler weather has been been very welcomed by both members and visitors alike with a noticeable increase in anglers on both the banks and the Association boats, and it’s the boats that have enjoyed some excellent returns. leading the way were boat partners Craig Bowles and Dave Smith with 8 & 6 respectively, other notable returns were Martyn Rees with 5 whilst John Eynon, Ken Pascoe, and Roy Jones all netting 4 apiece. Ian Oxley had a very enjoyable morning session with lots of interest being shown to his Daddy Long Legs to land 2, Howard Davies and Gareth Williams both recorded 1.

The Bottom pond bank fishing has shown signs of improvement with fish showing close to the bank, but finding the right flies is proving the key, with Hoppers currently provoking the most response,  Wynne Jones and Colin Poole both netting 4 with Martyn Lewis and Mark Cox landing 2 and Terry Hughes 1.

On the Top pond fish are being caught on all banks due in part to the cooler water temperatures, Association President Martyn Williams fished the Tump area and took his limit of 8 using a Gold Head Black Hopper and Gwyn Davies landed 7 using a Corixa, other notable returns were made by Dave Howells with 4, Roger Jones 3, Fred Davies, Dave Arlotte, Alun Hunt, and Carl Morse all with 2, Ivor Thomas and Granville Thomas landed 1 apiece, whilst Bank Holiday visitors  R Miles 2 and M Padfield & T Padfield both I each.

1st September

Report by Ian Oxley

Following a self imposed cessation of fishing due to the recent hot weather I decided it was time to get the rods out and start fishing again as the water temperature had fallen and the first day of Autumn had arrived and keenly set off at 06.30am for Ynysfro. I was the first angler to arrive and after booking in for a boat ,unloaded all my gear and proceeded out onto the water at approx 07.20am. The water was a mix of flat calm and a slight ripple but plenty of fish were moving on the surface and on my first drift i decided to fish a greased up daddy longlegs and a claret hopper on a floating line. On the first cast I had a swirl to the daddy but failed to make contact. Several casts later i was rewarded with a hookup and after several minutes landed a Rainbow of approx one and a half pounds. There followed an intense period of activity with no end of follows, swirls and contacts but no actual hookups. I then removed the hopper re “greased the leader” and was soon rewarded with a rainbow of approximately two and a half pounds which gave a very good account of itself and was carefully returned to fight another day. The wind originally blowing from the dam wall towards the house had now strengthened and veered towards the bush and golf club bay and although only 09.30am the surface activity had dwindled so a change of tactics ensued with a long leader and a damsel nymph was employed. The first fish to respond was a small fingerling Perch which was duly returned and on my next drift a take was detected the rod arched over and to my surprise a sizeable perch was duly landed photographed and quickly returned to the water. The wind had now picked up and was pushing me quickly across on my drifts with little activity so after a fabulous session I decided to finish.

26th August

Sunday’s high winds and torrential rain meant that no anglers visited the reservoirs. However on Saturday a few anglers visited the reservoirs and enjoyed some good sport. The top pond out fished the bottom and Adrian Moyse used an intermediate line and a black tadpole fly to catch 2 rainbow trout from the wooded bank and a further 2 from the ‘tump’ which included a fantastic conditioned 2lb 15 ounce rainbow which took his line to the backing. Other anglers who caught on the top reservoir included Martyn Williams with 2, then Fred Davies, Roy Jones and Wynne Jones all with 1 each.

On the bottom pond boat anglers Martyn Rees caught 2 and his companion John Eynon 1. Bank angler Ian Wooton caught 2.

Although the heavy rain kept away anglers prospects are definitely improving with the cooling effect and higher oxygen levels.

25th August 

With the weather continuing to cool the trout are beginning to show all other both reservoirs. Top catch was Roger Jones’ 8 rainbows taken from the top reservoir on a black tadpole (please see his catch report below). This was closely followed by Roy Jones with 6 from the top reservoir. Wynne Jones, Dave Howells and Dave Arlotte all catching 2 each and Terry Hughes 1 from the top reservoir.

On the bottom reservoir Craig Bowles had the best catch with 7 from the boat, other returns from boat anglers were Roy Mealing with 1 rainbow. Terry O’Connor caught 3 from the bottom bank and Robert Stott ‘chopped and changed’ tactics (please see his report below) to catch 1.

With the water temperature dropping NRFFA is looking to re-stock as soon as the temperature reaches a comfortable level for new fish. The reservoirs will then be in an excellent position to offer some great fishing until the season ends on the 30th of November.

A big thank you to Roger and Rob for sending in their reports.

 Roger Jones’ Report 24th Aug

Hi, another good day for me today 8 Rainbows on the top pond with as many getting off!  As fished earlier in the week I tried the black tadpole again as shown successful by another angler.  Mine was weighted with some fritz, plus a 2 x red flash Dial Bach on the droppers, fish came equally to both on an intermediate line.  Fish probably 4 to 6 ft. down.  Most had some snails in the mouth so near to the bottom as well no doubt.  All gave a good scrap.  No brownies still waiting.  I also saw a v big rainbow break the water on 2 – 3 occs, I would say in the 5/6 lb weight easy, so there is a biggy waiting for someone!

Rob Stotts’ fishing report Tues 22nd Aug.

Hi guys, fished the bottom pond on Tuesday 22.Fish seem to follow your fly and turn away at last moment. I had tried all sorts of fly pattern without a single take. So I sat down and had five, rethought my techniques. It was the tiny pheasant tail nymph on point and 2½ft up tied a dropper with muddler minnow and using the muddler as a bite indicator. Casting across wind from point of pipe bay. Retrieving flys against ripples causing a good wake from the muddler fish seem to get drawn in to investigate the muddler, turn but couldn’t resist the pheasant tail. Bingo at a guess 2lb rainbow which again I returned the fish in hope we meet another day.

19th August

Saturday saw some good returns with Adrian Moyse catching 7 rainbows from the top pond using an intermediate line and a black tadpole fly. Other catches from the top pond were Norman Curtis with 6, Martyn Williams 5, Roy jones 4, Wynne Jones 3 (including one brown trout) and Ivor Thomas with 1 rainbow trout.

The Bottom reservoir was more challenging and Martyn Rees, Stephen Curtis and Daniel Davies did extremely well to catch one fish each.

Sunday saw less fish caught but boat anglers Keith Higgins and Shaun Cottrell did well to catch 6 fish each. While bank anglers Peter Davies caught 1 from the bottom reservoir and Martyn Rees caught 1 from the top reservoir.

18th August 

The fishing on both reservoirs has continued to improve with the cooler weather and rain that has lowered the water temperature and increased the oxygen levels.

Last week the top catch went to Wynne Jones who caught 5 rainbows from the bottom reservoir using a black hopper fished just sub-surface while Sally Anne Isles used  a black pennel for her 2 rainbows from the bottom pond. Bank anglers on the bottom reservoir who also caught fish were; Martyn Rees with 2 and Keith Higgins one rainbow. Whereas, on the boats Ken Pascoe, Roy Mealing and John Eynon all caught 2 fish each.

Most fish from the top reservoir went to day ticket visitor Cameron Huxley who caught 4 rainbows, closely followed by Mike Marsh with 3, Paul Elsworthy caught 2, Ian Hewitt and Dave Arlotte one each. Dave Arlotte then went to the bottom where he added another rainbow.

On Friday Gwynne Davies thought it was going to be a good day as he lost a fish second cast from hedge bank, but it was not to be and he was soon joined by Bernard Stevens and Roy Jones who had 2 & 1 respectively all on Damsel patterns. Gwynne fished from the tump and managed to get 2 both on a Damsel pattern.

With continued lower temperatures and more rain forecast the fishing should continue to improve. Please note that should you have any questions about the fishery you can send them to the committee via the NRFFA website.

11th August

The continued spell of cooler temperatures combined with some much needed rain saw anglers on Friday.

Early in the week the continued hot weather and challenging conditions meant angler numbers were down. Anglers who visited the reservoirs found the top reservoir to be more productive with Roy Jones catching 2 rainbows, Ivor Thomas and Bernard Stephens catching one apiece with Bernard’s trout weighing in a very respectful 2lb 9 ounces.

The bottom reservoir saw much less action with Brian Thomas catching 1 rainbow from the bank and Howard Davies 1 from a boat.

However, Thursday night’s rain and the reduced temperatures on Friday saw an upturn in the numbers of fish showing. Gwyn Davies fished the top pond and managed 2 rainbows on a GRHE and lost another 2. Whereas, Adrian Moyse fished the bottom and used a blob on a sinking line to catch 3 rainbows and lost another two.

With average temperatures and more rain forecast for the weekend the fishing should improve. At present it is advised to take a mobile approach and look for showing fish to cast to or fish the deeper water areas of the dam walls.

4th August

The welcome arrival of some cooler weather and rain helped improve the fishing at Ynysyfro during the early part of the week.

Steve Curtis enjoyed a very productive day catching 5 fish from the top and 1 from the bottom reservoir. Other anglers who caught fish from both reservoirs were David Price (3 from the top and 2 from the bottom) and Dave Howells who caught 1 fish from each of the reservoirs.

Most of the catches this week came from the top reservoir. Gwyn Davies enjoyed a morning session to catch two brown trout, one about 2lbs 12oz and the other 2lbs with both fish taking a weighted damsel. Other anglers who caught on the top reservoir were Peter Vaughan and Ivor Thomas who caught 2 early in the week. Ivor Thomas returned later in the week to catch another trout from the top reservoir. His catch was equalled by Terence Hughes, Anthony Hughes and Martyn Rees who all caught one trout from the top reservoir.

While on the bottom reservoir Paul Elsworthy caught 3 and Steve Jean 1from the bank. Boat anglers Bryn Burgess, Roy Mealing, Ken Pascoe and Howard Davies all caught 1 fish each with most of the fish on both ponds again being caught from the deeper, cooler water close to the dam walls.

29th July

Fishing during the week saw anglers again facing difficult conditions with temperatures in excess of 30C and bright skies. Consequently trout were difficult to catch but with the weekend seeing a drastic weather change with temperatures less than 15C and a much needed rain arriving the prospects look much better for the next week.

Keith Higgins did extremely well to catch 7 from the bottom reservoir and he used an egg fly for all of his fish. Other returns from the bottom reservoir were Bob Radley and Dave Arlotte catching 4 with Chris Norville, Adrian Moyse and Ivor Thomas catching 1 each.

Fishing from the boat Roy Mealing and Ken Pascoe each caught a trout.

This week has again seen majority of the fish caught from the deeper water near the dam wall. However, the fish are usually ‘up in the water’ and the top five feet is where you should start fishing your flies, altering the depth depending on the response the flies get.


22nd July

With no immediate sign of the hot spell ending, fishing for trout in waters throughout the UK has going continued to be challenging. At Ynysyfro the catches have primarily been made in the deeper water of the dam walls on both the top and bottom reservoir.

On the bottom reservoir a large number of trout have been seen cruising in the top four feet of water and these are swimming in shoals of various sizes up and down the dam wall but they are reluctant to take flies. Ken Pascoe caught 3 and Howard Davies caught 2 when they fished this area from the boat. Adrian Moyse fished the same area from the bank and caught 2 trout by pulling blobs on an intermediate line after being frustrated by trout following his more ‘natural’ flies only for them to turn away at the last moment. Huw Davies also did well on the bottom pond to catch 6, closely followed by Jeff Wilson and Wynne Jones who both caught 4 trout.

During the week Peter Dent caught 4 trout and Ivor Thomas 2 from the top reservoir . On Saturday Ivor Thomas again fished the top pond and caught 1 trout and visitor S. Collett also caught 1 rainbow, while Gwyn Davies did very well to catch one of the top reservoir’s brown trout which again was in fantastic condition.

Sunday saw some better catches with Keith Higgins fishing an egg fly on the bottom reservoir to catch 7 fish. Bob Bradley caught 4 and Chris Norville 1, again from the bottom reservoir.

NRFFA would like to remind people that under 16 anglers are welcome to fish at Ynysyfro at a price of only £5 that is a catch and release type ticket that includes the option of taking 2 fish home (fishing must cease once the second fish is killed). Also, under 16s can share an adults ticket, this means an under 16 and adult non-member can fish for a total of £12 for the two of them. Please note under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. For further information please use the NRFFA website to contact a committee member.

16th July 

The weekend saw an increase in the number of anglers fishing the reservoirs with most anglers finding success from the top reservoir. Terry Hughes caught 2 while Gareth West, Robert Stott, Fred Davies and Ivor Thomas all caught trout from this reservoir.

Whereas Bernard Hartland and Alan Vaisey decided to fish from the bank of the bottom reservoir, with both anglers catching trout.

Boat anglers on the bottom reservoir were generally more succesfull, with Keith Higgins catching 6, Bob Bradley 4 and Shaun Cottrell 1 trout from their sessions .

14th July

The continued hot spell has meant that both anglers and trout have been in short supply. Those anglers who have donned the sun screen and have been fortunate to catch a fish or two have found the reservoirs in fantastic condition and the fish equally so.

On the bottom pond regular boat anglers Bob Bradley and Keith Higgins caught 6 fish each. Craig Bowles also took advantage of the boats to catch 2 rainbows, with dry flies accounting for his fish. Peter Davies fished from the bank and caught 1 from the bottom reservoir.

Gwyn Davies showed that an early start and overcast conditions can really help when he caught 8 from the top reservoir railings bank and was able to get his limit before midday using Damsel and Corixa imitations. Gwyn reported that ‘even though the water temperature is high the fish are fighting really well and were ready to swim off strongly after only a fairly short time of being held in the water to recover.’

Mark Roberts also fished the top reservoir and caught 3 while Ivor Thomas caught 2 from the same reservoir using a damsel pattern. Adrian Moyse caught 1 and lost 2 from the same pond on a black tadpole fly fished on an intermediate line.

Rob Stott fished the bottom reservoir and kindly emailed a fishing report as follows;-‘Hi guys, I am a new member and only just getting know the bottom pond. I myself am finding it hard work due to this blistering weather. I started fishing on the point of pipe bay at 3pm and worked my way around the bull rushes thinking it may offer some shelter from the sun. It was at the end of the rushes I fished with the Montana nymph on the point a small black fritz montana and pheasant tail at top using a finger of 8 retrieve and stopping for second or two and it was on the drop my lovely rainbow took the black fritz montana, without weighing I guessing 1½ lb but with a nice full tail and fought well retuning the fish I noticed fish jumping on the dam wall corner, but I was defeated I admit and sun beat.’

Andy Hoffrock kindly used his excellent film making and drone flying skills to produce a fantastic video of the reservoirs. The video clearly shows the features of the reservoirs and can be used by people who are not familiar with the reservoirs to identify areas that often referred to as ‘hotspots’ to better plan their visit. The link to the YouTube video is below

7th July

The continued hot spell has resulted in some challenging angling but if you want to enjoy fantastic surroundings and the perfect weather to develop a tan combined with the chance of catching a fish or two at very reasonable prices Ynysyfro is difficult to beat.

During the last week both of the reservoirs have found the fish more responsive in the deeper water. With the railings bank on the top reservoir and the dam wall on the bottom reservoir providing the majority of the fish.

Finding the depth the fish are feeding is key to success and using an intermediate line means you can control and alter the depth of your fly quite easily and this line coupled with a damsel has been very productive at present. Whereas a floating line gives you the option of fishing a variety of methods including dry flies, long-leader and a tungsten nymph ‘set-up’ to fish deep, indicator and egg-fly or you can use a floating line to fish lures (altering the fly and retrieve to change the depth your fly is being fished at)

On the top reservoir Gwyn Davies took 8 fish, which included a fantastic 3lb plus brown trout caught on his first cast. Gwyn was using a floating line with a damsel fly on the point and his two dropper flies were a corixia and diawl bach and caught on all three of his flies. Other anglers who took fish from the top reservoir were Mark Roberts (5 Rainbows) Steve Curtis caught 3 while Chris Norvill, Dave Howells, Brian Morris and Colin Jones all had a brace of fish.

Luke Thomas concentrated his efforts on the bottom reservoir and caught four rainbows using a balloon caddis. Dave Howells added to his top reservoir catch with another four fish catch taken from the bottom reservoir. Roy Jones also caught 4 from the bottom and his successful fly was a ‘hopper’. Mark Gunter and Chris Cuff both fished on non-members permits and both managed to catch two fish each from the bottom pond.

With the hot weather forecast to continue the use of fast sink fly lines and boobies slowly fished deep may well be the method to try. However, please remember fishing boobies and ‘fabs’ static is not allowed at Ynysyfro.

1st July 

The mini heat wave affecting the UK has seen the water temperature in the Association’s ponds increase to 23c, but the anglers who decided to don the factor 50 and brave the heat, found the fish more than responsive. On the bottom pond regular boat partners Keith Higgins & Shaun Cotterell caught 8 & 4 respectively with Bob Bradley also taking 4, the Top pond continues to fish well, with Stephen Snape landing his limit fishing a team of buzzers, Dave Woods and Gwyn Davies both netted 6 with Dave also recording 8 fish from two further visits, Stephen Maslam and Gareth West recorded 5 apiece, whilst Adrian Moyse used a Damsel and a Black Tadpole to catch his 9 fish from two visits and it was 3 each for Mark Roberts, Dave Arlotte, & David Bull, with Ivor Thomas doing well to land 9 fish from three visits whilst Wynne Jones, John Belcher, Howell Woods and Keith Higgins recorded 2 apiece. The Bottom pond has been more challenging but Dave Arlotte added 4 to his top pond total with Adrian Moyse also taking fish. With the high water temperatures expected to continue for some time imitative patterns such as Buzzers, Damsel nymphs Diawl Bachs and Corixa will continue to do well, a fall of ants is also possible so having a suitable pattern in your fly box would be advantageous.

24th June

Although the water temperatures are rising in both ponds due to the settled weather, it certainly hasn’t had any impact on the fishing at Ynysyfro, on the Boats Keith Higgins recorded two limits whilst regular partners Craig Bowles and Dave Smith also had a limit each, also doing well were Shaun Cotterell with 6 and with Ken Pascoe 3.

The Bottom pond continues to provide excellent sport especially for Ken Bowring who landed a very impressive limit of 8 on three separate days and 7 on another, Chris Daniels also landed 8 in his total of 12 from two visits whilst Hugh Davies and Dave Arlotte each landed 7, with Ian Hewitt and Getting Bowes both landing 6 and 3 on two visits, Martyn Williams landed 5, Luke Thomas 4 and it was 3 apiece for Wynne Jones, Keri Jones, John Burton and Martyn Rees.

The Top pond was more challenging but Luke Thomas added a limit to his Bottom pond catch and Dave Howells also found the right method and landed 12 from two visits whilst Dave Arlotte added 5 and Hugh Davies 3 to their Bottom pond totals, with Ivor Thomas and Peter Dent both netting 3 each.

21st June

Report received off Huw Davies

Just a short report from yesterday evening.

Weather warm, some drizzle and a strong gusting wind. Started on the top pond, handful of fish moving on the far bank (where the horses are in the field). Managed three fish to small black diawl bach’s – very shy biting and was left to cover rising fish on the edge of the wind. Hooked and lost a lovely brown trout estimated at around 2lbs in weight (threw the hook close to the net) near to the outlet.

After an hour I moved to the bottom pond, just around the far side of the inlet bay.

Plenty of fish moving around in pods, working their way up wind to the inlet itself and then back into the bay where the boats are, then across open water over and along to the tree-lined bank and back up again. some fish came very close in, and my first here was caught no more than 2m out (on the edge of the wind).

They seemed to have an established pattern, with a pod of fish staying out in the middle of the inlet bay, accessible only with a good cast and favorable wind (of which were far and few between…!).

I put a black ‘popper hopper’ on the point and changed to black and red holo crunchers on the droppers. As soon as flies landed near (upwind of) rising fish, a couple of sharp pulls to create disturbance with the hopper seemed to bring them up to the flies, and a very slow figure of 8 retrieve until all locked up tight.

I worked my way down the bank towards the dam, where the calmer water seemed to allow fish to sip hatching buzzer, these again more picky and shy biting thanks to the calm water and seemed to be ‘wiser’ fish. I ended at 19:30 having had 7 fish from the bottom pond and 3 from the top, all very hard fighting with the biggest around 2 3/4 pounds.

I was pleasantly surprised it fished so well after the spell of warm weather we have had.

Kind Regards,

Huw (Member No.161)

10th June

Over the weekend both ponds have seen some more good catches, following an extra stocking. On the bottom pond, boat fishermen, Martin Rees and John Eynon returned with eight and five fish respectively, whilst around the banks, Ken Bowring registered another limit with Dean Connelly netting five fish and Phil Morgan recording a three fish catch.

On the top pond, Dave Woods took a limit, whilst Clive Norville continued his good season, with a further four trout. Cardiff club members, Ivor Thomas and Fred Davies both netted three trout alongside Steve Snape with Kevin Pinkney taking a good brace. Fish were again landed on a variety of flies and lures.

9th June

Following both ponds being restocked, some very good returns have been recorded for both ponds and for regular boat users.

On the top pond, with most fish being caught from the railings bank and the wood bank. Steve Snape registered a limit, Graham Ingram Evans landed seven fish, whilst Terry O’Connor netted eleven fish over three visits and a similar set of sessions produced eight fish for Dave Woods. A five fish catch was recorded from one visit by Steve Maslem whilst Kevin Pinkney also netted five fish via two visits. Dave Price caught four trout from his one session, with Alan Vaisey, Stuart Thomas, John Belcher and Peter Dent all recording a three trout return. Gareth West, Brian Wareham, Dave Arlotte and Richie Young each caught a brace of rainbows.

On the bottom pond, Ken Bowring included his usual limit from his week’s visits, whilst Shaun Cotterell, Mark Roberts and Roy Jones all included a six fish return amongst their week’s catches.  Amongst those permit holders and day ticket members/visitors netting a brace of trout, were Keith Higgins, Mark Gunter, Graham Ingram Evans, Dave Arlotte, and Peter Bryant. A good rainbow was also caught by Bernard Hartland with Fisheries Treasurer, Colin Jones also finding time to land some good trout.  Out on the Association’s boats Howard Davies netted six rainbows, as did Keith Higgins whilst Bob Bradley recorded a four fish boat return.  Ken Pascoe landed three trout when he fished a grey nymph.  Fish are being caught along the banks on a variety of dry flies, nymphs and lures, including Damsel patterns, Egg Flies, Blood-worms, Blobs and Diawl Bach nymphs.


4th June

One of NRFFA’s newer members, Clive Norville has certainly found some good fishing at Ynys y fro with a further six fish catch from the top pond, to add to earlier success in the week past.  The same pond saw Ian Oxley net three good fish, with Adrian Moyse recording a brace of trout. The latter member had already caught a brace of trout from the bottom pond, as did John James and Keith Higgins.  Two regular week end boat users, John Eynon and Martin Rees returned with catches of four and three fish respectively. Most fish were reported as being caught on Damsel patterns and Black Hoppers.

2nd June

Both ponds are fishing well with a good number of limits being recorded based on a variety of flies and lures. On the bottom pond three regular boat users, Ken Pascoe, Craig Bowles and Colin Poole all took limits, with a grey nymph responsible for Ken Pascoe’s limit.

Around the banks of the bottom pond, Ken Bowring reached another catch and release limit, whilst good catches were made by Paul Jennings, with seven fish, Brian Green landing six trout, Wynne Jones adding a brace to an earlier five fish catch, Alan Rees netting four trout with Shaun Cotterell, Bernard Stephens, Terry O’Connor, Gethin Bowes and Bob Cook all recording a three fish return. Amongst those fishermen catching a brace of trout, were Steve Curtis, Alun Paul, Dean Connelly and Geoff Evans (including a fish weighing three lbs ten ozs) Bernard Hartland also netted a specimen trout of three lbs nine ozs…

On the top pond, fishermen recording limits included Colin Jones, Chris Norville, Andrew Brann and Ken Bowring whilst a six fish return was achieved by Gwyn Davies and Kevin Pinkney. Stewart Gordon marked his return to Ynys y fro with a four fish catch, as did visitor M.Tilly. Terry O’Connor, and Bob Cook each netted three trout, whilst a brace of rainbows were landed by Gareth West, Martin Rees, and Brian Wareham.

Amongst the successful flies and lures being used on both ponds, were Damsel nymphs, Egg Flies, Apps patterns, Blood worms and Diawl bach nymphs.

NRFFA wish to thank all those members and visitors who have added the identity of flies/lures to the return sheets as this practice certainly helps new visitors to the reservoirs using the regular fishing reports, to enjoy a successful day.

28th May

Following the recent restocking of both ponds, the bottom pond proved the more productive, with good returns for both bank and boat fishermen. Bank anglers were led by Alan Rees who netted seven rainbows, followed by James Williams with a five fish catch.  Dave Howells landed four trout whilst Ken Bowring and Roy Jones both caught three fish. A brace of good rainbows were caught by Martin Lewis.

All of Saturday’s boat fishermen registered catch and release limits, Adrian Moyse took his limit with regular boat partners, Martin Rees and John Eynon also reaching the catch and release limit.  A number of anglers reported seeing “jack” pike around the four to six lb estimated weight range, feeding on small perch. This can only be a useful contribution to the efforts of NRFFA to reduce the problem of large shoals of small perch having an effect on natural fly life on the bottom pond and could well be one of the reasons why more fish are being caught on or just below the surface of the bottom pond. The top pond has been more challenging of late but is still producing some good returns of brown trout. All fishermen, both members and visitors are asked to enter the flies/lures etc used for successful fishing, on the return sheets as this adds to the information that can be made available, particularly to day ticket visitors, via the fishing reports on the website.

26th May

Fishing has continued to be good from both ponds with the bottom pond seeing far more rising fish than in previous seasons.  Dave Arlotte  led the way from the bank with a catch return of five fish whilst  Day ticket visitor, Gethin Bowes maintained his recent run of  regular catches with a further four trout  via his latest visit. Gwyn Davies moved from the top pond to the bottom pond to find rising fish on the golf club side of Farmhouse Bay A size sixteen shipman’s’ buzzer accounted for four good fish  three of which were strong enough to take line as far as the backing Another Day ticket  visitor, Ben Jailler netted three fish whilst long time committee member, Brian Wareham caught a good brace of rainbows.

On the top pond, Roy Jones landed seven trout, mainly from the railings bank, with Ken Bowring recording seven trout from three sessions. Dave Woods netted a three fish catch, Terry O’Connor landed five trout from two visits with Kevin Pinkney and Ivor Thomas both catching two fish, Ivor’s catch came via a Viva booby lure. Gwyn Davies fished the top pond for one rainbow, before moving to the bottom pond.

Both ponds have again been restocked and with far more rising fish being seen on the bottom pond sport should be good.

19th May

The recent week has seen some excellent returns from both ponds with the majority of members and visitors recording catches.

On the top pond Steve Snape, Steve Curtis and Gwyn Davies all recorded limits with the majority of fish being caught from the railings bank.  Fish have been caught on Diawl Bach nymphs, Shipman’s buzzers and Damsel patterns. Other good returns from the same pond have included totals of ten fish for Ken Bowring, nine for Dave Woods, a further six fish for Steve Snape, four  landed by Bernard Stephens, three trout each caught by Kevin Pinkey and Howell Woods, plus a brace for Ian Wootton and Ivor Thomas. Day ticket visitor J Davies also found fish.

On the bottom pond some very good returns have continued through the week,  Steve Snape added another limit to his week’s record with Gethin Bowes also netting a catch and release limit. Two day ticket visitors, Chris Norville and C.Watkin  caught six trout, whilst  a five fish return was achieved by Phil Morgan, Mike Marsh and Wynne Jones. Gareth Neale, Dave Howells Brian Green, Roy Jones and Ochert Buys all netted four rainbows, with Bryn  Burgess and P.Vaughan  landing three trout each.   Two fish catches were made by Alun Paul, Phil Morgan, Paul Jennings, Alan Rees and  Colin Jones, plus day ticket visitors   R.Harris, Gareth Hawkins  and B Jackson.

Boat fishermen on the bottom pond have also enjoyed a good week  Keith Higgins totalled eleven fish from two outings, Colin Poole landed seven trout with Howard Davies’s outing resulted in a six fish return. Ken Bowring used a boat morning to add a further five trout to his season’s total alongside  Shaun Cotterell with a four fish return.  John Eynon and Ken Pascoe recorded three fish via their boat outings.

Successful flies for the bottom pond have been similar to those for the top pond with the addition of Black Hoppers.  April’s returns showed that a total of twelve hundred and fifty fish were  caught with six hundred being landed from the top pond and six hundred and fifty from the bottom pond with four hundred and thirty visits being recorded, the rod average for the month was just below two fish per rod.  Some sixteen brown trout were caught and released from the top pond.

Three troutmaster’s badges were awarded to Ynysyfro fishermen, with Roger Bateman receiving his award for a four lb two oz fish landed on a buzzer pattern, with the same pattern netting a three lbs eight oz fish for Bryn Burgess. Dave Woods rounded off a successful month with a badge awarded for his three lb trout.

18th May

Report received off visitor Gethin Bowes

Good Evening

I fished the bottom pond from 2.30 till 7 today and took a limit all on dries, most of the fish took a small hawthorn. It really was excellent sport and my snail like reflexes were exposed by some of the takes!!!

The fish were in excellent condition and fought really well.

I have fished the reservoirs quite a bit this year and the value for money combined with the quality of the fish make it in my opinion the best fly fishing venue in South Wales.

Kind Regards

Gethin Bowes

13th May

The week end so far has seen a continuation of the excellent fishing on the bottom pond, with most, if not all fishermen recording good returns. Bank anglers taking good catches included Mark Roberts with seven fish, Colin Poole, Paul Ellsworthy and Paul Jennings all netting four rainbows whilst three fish catches were recorded by Alan Rees, Wynne Jones and Steve Curtis. A brace of good trout were netted by Dave Woods and by the President and Chairman of the Cardiff fly fishing club, Fred Davies and Keith Higgins respectively. Regular boat fishermen , Ken Pascoe, John Eynon and Martin Rees all enjoyed good sport, with Ken taking a limit, John Eynon netting six trout and Martin Rees catching a brace.

On the top pond, Kevin Pinkney continued his good week with another seven fish, Keith Higgins and Colin Poole added three and two fish respectively to their bottom pond returns, whilst Howell Woods netted two rainbows. Most successful flies again included shipman’s buzzers, damsel patterns and diawl bach nymphs. Evidence of more fish feeding just below the surface continues to be the case on the bottom pond, especially around the car park bank as far as the bush, and also in front of pipe bay.

12th May

With the Bottom pond fishing well, most of the notable returns have been recorded from the areas around the car park/ bush and pipe bay, with boat anglers also doing well.

Around the banks, limits were recorded by Mark Roberts, Ken Bowring and Craig Bowles, Wynne Jones landed eight fish from two visits, Roy Mealing netting eleven fish from his two sessions. Martin Williams and Paul Jennings both landed six fish, whilst four fish catches were made by Steve Curtis, Phil Morgan and Roy Porteous. Ian Wooton, Shaun Cotterell, Andrew Bann, Lee Ashcroft, Graham Ingram Evans, Bernard Stephens, Bryn Burgess and Dave Smith all netted three rainbows, whilst a brace of trout were caught by Alun Paul, Roy Jones, Howell Woods, Dean Walker, Phil Morgan, and Mike Porteous.  Amongst boat fishermen, Ken Bowring moved from the bank to the boat to net a limit plus seven trout from two sessions, Shaun Cotterell and Ken Pascoe both took limits with Howard Davies and John Eynon landing a brace of trout from their boat outings. NRFFA are pleased to note the much improved fishing for the bottom pond, with a number of methods being successful in terms of flies being used. Cat’s whisker and Damsel patterns plus Shipmans buzzers and Gold head nymphs have all caught fish, whilst late afternoon/ evening fishermen have reported some good rises around the car park bank and fish responding well to dry flies.

The top pond continues to provide good returns, with Kevin Pinkney and Gwyn Davies both netting a catch and release limit. Kevin took his fish on a gold head nymph whilst Gwyn varied his flies between a hoglouse imitation, baby sun fly and following a rise of olives some good fish on an olive nymph. Gwyn’s catch included a rainbow trout in the region of four lbs plus a good brown trout. Luke Thomas landed seven rainbows   Other good top pond catches were made by Roy Jones and day ticket visitor, Huw Davies with four trout each, whilst a three fish return went to Bernard Stephens, Peter Dent and Paul Jennings, Colin Jones and John James each took a brace of fish, with Colin using a combination of Shipmans’ buzzers and Damsel patterns for his return.

Both ponds have been restocked and returns indicate that fishing is definitely improving. With a very attractive day ticket price of twelve pounds for a sixteen fish catch and release limit split between both ponds Ynys y fro is well worth a visit.

7th May

The week end saw some good returns from the bottom pond both via the bank and the boats. Boat anglers Martin Rees and John Eynon netted seven and two fish respectively via a morning session, whilst around the banks, Ken Bowring landed five rainbows, four fish were recorded by Paul Ellsworthy, three by Cardiff member, Alan Rees and two good trout for Alun Paul.

Reports from bottom pond fishermen have suggested that more fish are taking flies either on or just below the surface, particularly in the area from Pipe bay to the bush.

On the top pond most fishermen recorded a brace of trout, included amongst whom were Kevin Pinkney, Bernard Stephens, Dave Woods and brother, Howell Woods, with Paul Ellsworthy adding his two fish to an earlier return from the bottom pond.

5th May

Gwyn Davies was able to enjoy a good week with seven and eight fish from two visits including an excellent brown trout in the region of 2 lbs 4 ozs. Terry O’Connor also landed seven rainbows whilst Peter Dent returned a three fish catch. A brace of trout were caught by Dave Howells, Colin Jones and Mark Roberts.

The bottom pond saw a number of limits recorded, including those by Adrian Moyse, Ken Bowring and Colin Poole. Roy Jones and Terry O’Connor each netted six trout with Phil Morgan and Alan Rees catching five rainbows. Colin Jones, Dave Woods and Martin Williams each netted four good trout.

Boat anglers on the bottom pond were able to reach Catch and release limits with Colin Poole, Ken Pascoe and Keith Higgins finding fish. Keith also landed five fish from a second boat session with Shaun Cotterell netting four trout on his boat ticket.

Various fly patterns have been prominent during the week, including a black Pennell, duck fly patterns, Baby Sun Fly, Damsel lures and shipman’s buzzers. Top pond returns indicate that Olive patterns were beginning to show, which will be an encouragement for dry fly fishermen.

29th April

Both boat and bank fishermen have enjoyed some good sport on the bottom pond, with Dave Howells heading the boat return list with a catch and release limit. Fellow Cardiff member, Keith Higgins and boat partner, Shaun Cotterell both netted seven fish as did the boat pairing of Martin Rees and John Eynon.

Around the banks Day ticket holder, Luke Thomas and Paul Ellsworthy both took limits, whilst   Alan Rees recorded a four trout return. Three trout were caught by Gethin Bowes and Mark Roberts, whilst Brian Tantum and Phil Morgan each took a brace of rainbows.

On the top pond, Luke Thomas added a second limit to match his earlier success on the bottom pond, whilst Ken Bowring, Mark Cox and Colin Jones all recorded four rainbows on the return sheets. John Mcindo, Steve Snape and Graham Ingram Evans landed three trout, whilst a brace of rainbows were netted by Phil Harper, Phil Morgan, Terry O’Connor and Paul Ellsworthy. Successful flies on the top pond included Shipman’s buzzers and Damsel nymphs.

27th April

Whilst regular fishermen at Ynys y fro are very familiar with the quality of sport on offer, NRFFA are still endeavouring to encourage visitors to Ynys y fro with some of the best value day tickets available in the local area.

A number of  day ticket visitors have certainly had good value for their £12 investment, with  Oliver Hydes taking a bottom pond limit followed by Mark Gunter with five fish, Gareth West, Gino Alonzi and  Richard Shaw each netting four trout, Tony Hull catching three rainbows and J.Caton and Alan Judd landing a brace each.

Amongst permit holders, the top pond results included a regular limit for Ken Bowring, five fish for Dave Woods alongside brother Howell with four trout, and a good fish for Dave Howells to add to a later bottom pond total of ten fish from two visits Steve Snape also had a good session on the top pond with four fish.

Back on the bottom pond, Ken Bowring totalled twenty one fish from three sessions and  Roy Jones continued his good season with a further thirteen rainbows from two outings,  Other notable bank returns from the bottom pond included a seven fish return for Alan Rees and six trout landed by Sally Ann Iles. Phil Morgan and Colin Jones each recorded a seven fish catch from two visits.  Steve Curtis caught five rainbows as did Granville Thomas. Ivor Thomas and Phil Harper both added four trout to their season’s account. Long serving committeeman Brian Wareham and regular permit visitor, Mark Roberts each netted three rainbows, whilst a good brace of bottom pond trout went to Dan Morton and Terry O’Connor.

The bottom pond has also supplied some excellent boat fishing demonstrated by two limits for Keith Higgins, a six fish return for Mark Southwood, with Ken Pascoe netting a limit plus three fish from his two boat outings. Bridgend members, Craig Bowles and Dave Smith used their joint boat session to land seven and two trout respectively. Insofar as top catching flies are concerned, the return to lower temperatures has seen more fish being caught on damsel patterns, cats whiskers etc., although good fish are still being landed on buzzers and various nymphs such as diawl bach flies.


22nd April

Pride of place for the week end was taken by the Troutmasters “fish off” at Ynys y fro for those members/visitors awarded Troutmasters badges or the 2017 season. The competition took place on the top pond and was won by Adrian Moyse with a two fish kill result of five lbs ten ozs. In second place came Colin Poole of Monmouth with a total weight of four lbs four ozs, followed by Colin Jones with a two fish total of four lbs two ozs. Others taking part included Terry O’Connor, Phil Harper and Gary Wharton. Many thanks are due to Ann and Steve Kean for their work in arranging the competition, and also to those fishermen who forsake the attractions of the top pond to allow competitors the freedom of the banks. Adrian Moyse will now have the opportunity to represent Ynys y fro at the final arranged for Ravensthorpe reservoir later in the season.

Preceding the competition, some good returns were made on both ponds, with Day ticket visitor, Ben Jailler taking a limit from the bottom pond alongside Gethin Bowes and Wynne Jones, Alun Paul and Phil Morgan both landed two fish. On the top pond, Keith Higgins, Dave Woods and Ken Bowring all netted five fish, with Dave’s brother Howell Woods, recording a four fish return.

Early season returns have seen Keith Higgins and Paul Gould successfully submit claims for Troutmaster’s badges with Daniel Jones being awarded a Junior badge when fishing under the guidance of Adrian Moyse.

Regular readers of the Trout Fisherman Magazine will be pleased to see a reference to Ynys y fro, as the “Fishery of the month” in issue number 509 April/ May 2018. The article includes an excellent view of Gwyn Davies landing a fish on the top pond, plus references to the very good value for members and visitors in terms of catch and release limits etc. Both ponds are well stocked with fish being caught on buzzers, diawl bach patterns and some gold head lures. Many thanks to the staff at Trout fisherman publications for their support for Ynys y fro (use it don’t lose it!!!!!!!) and to Ron Cousins for his excellent articles in the local press.

20th April

The onset of more “spring like!!  weather has seen far more fish taken on dries and nymphs during the week on both ponds, with boat anglers on the bottom pond finding good fish  to “duck flies”, an Irish description of buzzers found on loch corrib. Regular boat user, Ken Pascoe caught  two limits plus a further seven fish from three boat sessions, with Howard Davies and Roy Mealing also taking limits from their boat ticket, again with duck flies. For bank fishermen on the bottom pond, Ken Bowring added eleven trout to his season’s total, Phil Harper totalled six fish from two evening visits using damsels and shipman’s buzzers, whilst Adrian Moyse netted a five fish bag. Association President , Martin Williams, recorded a four fish return  with a brace of rainbows being landed by Ken Pascoe, Craig Bowles, Bob Bradley, Day ticket visitor, Mark Gunter, John Mcindo  plus Gareth Neale,, whilst Ian Oxley’s bottom pond return included a specimen rainbow of three lbs four ozs.

On the top pond, catches continue to be very good. Keith Higgins totalled thirteen fish from three sessions, with Terry O’Connor netting ten trout, again from three visits. John landed six trout from two evening sessions, with Colin Jones netting five fish alongside John. Shipman’s buzzers proved the effective fly. Rob Evans recorded a five fish return with four fish being landed by Steve Curtis, Mark Roberts, Ken Bowring, Phil Harper, Paul Jennings and Dave Wood. Howell Woods netted three good rainbows, with two trout being landed by Graham Ingram Evans, Shaun Cotterell, Dean Morgan and Chris Daniels who included a four lb rainbow in his return

15th April

Catch and release limits were recorded for the bottom pond over the week end, by Ken Bowring and Adrian Moyse, with the latter favouring the use of an indicator style approach to fish buzzers. Both added their limits to an earlier catch of four fish and seven fish respectively, with the indicator style again proving worthwhile for Adrian Moyse. Phil Morgan also landed a brace of fish from the bottom pond on two successive days. Alan Voisey landed two trout from his regular Friday evening visit.

Regular fishermen on the Top pond, Keith Higgins and Gwyn Davies both recorded good catches, with Keith using buzzers to land six rainbows, whilst a Baby Sunfly pattern fished from the Hedge bank provided Gwyn with his day’s enjoyment of four well-conditioned rainbows. Dave Woods netted an excellent seven fish return when he fished the top pond, Day ticket visitor, Gethin Bowes recorded a five fish catch, whilst  Bernard Stephens and Dave Howells both caught four rainbows using small black flies. Another regular top pond angler, Cardiff member, Ivor Thomas, caught a good brace of trout.

NRFFA are pleased to note that well over forty brown trout have been listed as being caught and released from the top pond, with the majority of fish being identified as part of a stock of small fingerlings added to the pond at the beginning of the 2017 season.

13th April

Again, the top pond produced the better catch returns with limits and brown trout being regularly included. On the top pond, Day ticket visitor Luke Thomas certainly had his monies worth with limits on successive days whilst Keith Higgins and Dave Howells also had eight fish catches during the week. Bob Bradley landed seven rainbows, with a six fish catch netted by Bernard Stephens. Mark Southwood, Ken Bowring, Terry O Connor and Dave Reynolds all netted five fish, whilst Jeff Evans, Roy Jones, Graham Ingram Evans and Chris Daniels each landed three rainbows. A brace of top pond trout were recorded by Martin Lewis, Gareth Neale, Andrew Brann, Dave Hiscocks and Colin Jones   In  most cases, fish were caught on buzzer variations although a spell of warmer weather resulted in a few fish being landed on baby sun fly patterns, mainly from the Hedge bank.

On the bottom pond, Ken Pascoe registered two eight fish limits from the bank and the boat, whilst Luke Thomas added a second limit to his top pond returns on both of his tickets. Roy Jones added another limit to his season’s total catch whilst Ken Bowring landed four to match his earlier top pond return. Martin Rees landed three good bottom pond rainbows, as did Lee Ashcroft, Brian Christopher, and Phil Morgan. A brace of trout were netted by Shaun Cotterell, Phil Morgan and Mark Cox.

All of these returns were demonstrated in the monthly catch returns for March which saw some four hundred and fifty fish caught on the top pond and over a thousand from the bottom pond. With over four hundred visits by permit holders and day tickets respectively, a very good early season rod average of three point five fish per rod was  achieved In addition well over three dozen brown trout, all in excess of one lb have been caught and released back into the top pond.  Well over sixty season permits have been sold and with membership totals nearing two hundred, the committee of NRFFA are looking forward to a very good season with both ponds having been well restocked.

The annual Troutmasters fish off final is scheduled for Saturday April 21st on the top pond, between 8.30am and 12.00pm. The pond will be restricted to competitors only for that time, but outside of the morning the pond will be open to all. There are no restrictions on the bottom pond for permit holders or day tickets alike.

9th April

The end of the week up to Friday 6/4/18 saw some good returns, especially from the top pond. Some 46 fish were caught, including an excellent brown trout, landed and returned by Dave Woods. The fish was estimated to be well in excess of four lbs and in very good condition. The fish was extra to the fourteen rainbows landed by Dave over two visits. Other good catches included a limit by Gwyn Davies, six of which were caught on a dry baby sun fly pattern from the Hedge bank. John Edwards also netted six trout, thanks to a loaned sun fly pattern from Gwyn Davies, whilst Nick Jenkins landed a five fish catch. Terry O’Connor recorded four fish, with Bernard Stephens also catching five fish over two days. A brace of trout were caught by Richard Halloran and Mick Roberts.

The bottom pond saw fewer fish landed with Adrian Moyse netting seven trout. Four other fishermen returned with a brace of rainbows, including Ken Bowring, Steve Mitchell, Andrew Brann and Brian Wareham. Pipe Bay, and the banks either side saw most fish caught, with Buzzers, Diawl Bach nymphs and Blobs the most effective flies.

6th April

A boat session on the bottom pond saw Ken Pascoe register a limit, whilst boat partner, Howard Davies landed a brace of rainbows .Around the banks, Day ticket visitor, Ray Tucker and permit holder, Alan Rees both netted six fish, whilst Richard Bateman and Gethin Bowes each caught five trout. Shaun Cotterell netted four fish with the same total being achieved by Keith Higgins over two sessions. Brian Green caught three fish on one of his first visits to Ynys y fro, whilst Ken Bowring and Sally Ann Iles both had a brace of trout.

On the top pond, visitors, Luke Thomas and Nigel Ward both recorded limits with Dave Howells netting ten fish via two visits. Bernard Stephens and Gethin Bowes caught four fish, with Mark Roberts adding a further two trout to his four fish catch.  Steven Snape maintained his good fishing record with a further six fish from the top pond, whilst Keith Higgins and Ivor Thomas netted three rainbows each.

With water temperatures beginning to rise, more fish are being caught on buzzers, diawl bach patterns and pheasant tail nymphs. Blobs have also accounted for some catches, mainly on the bottom pond. All the usual fishing spots are producing good catches, with the railings bank and the outlet on the top pond, plus Pipe Bay and the banks either side of the bay on the bottom pond, producing fish.

1st April

The top pond results include Keith Higgins and Roy Jones both landing twelve fish from two visits with a limit for Roy. Ken Bowring added another six fish to his top pond total with Day ticket member, Gareth Williams landing seven trout. Stewart Gordon netted six fish, alongside Day ticket visitors, Dean Morgan and Gethin Bowes catching five fish each. Martin Rees fished the pond to land a four fish total, with three rainbows being caught by Bob Bradley. Adrian Moyse, Ivor Thomas and visitor, B.Taylor all landed two trout. Buzzers again accounted for most fish caught, with the railings bank, particularly the outlet end producing most good returns.

On the bottom pond, Ken Bowring’s persistence brought yet another limit, whilst Stewart Gordon added seven trout to his top pond return. Ken Pascoe, Sally Ann Iles and visitor, Luke Thomas all caught six fish, whilst Alan Rees and Andy Hofrock, fishing on a members’ day ticket, both netted five rainbows. Day ticket visitor, Lloyd Johns caught four trout with Phil Morgan also landing a four fish catch, over two sessions. Bernard Stephens used his permit to catch three trout as did Alan Brann, whilst Keith Higgins, Dave Slocombe, Bob Bradley and Colin Jones all recorded a two fish return.  Having caught seven fish via the top pond, Gareth Williams added the same total from a bottom pond boat session.

The banks either side of Pipe Bay, and the bay itself saw most fish caught, with buzzers again being the most effective fly. Both black and black/green buzzers caught fish.

30th March

As for previous weeks, both ponds continue to fish well with returns from the bottom pond slightly better than those for the top pond.

For the top pond Steve Snape and Ken Bowring both took limits whilst the majority of other fishermen, recorded a three fish catch. These included, Shaun Cotterell, Dave Howells, Bernard Stephens, Steve Curtis, Ivor Thomas, Stewart Gordon and Huw Johns.

Norman Curtis, Bryn Burgess, Barry Jones and Dave Scott all netted a brace of fish, with Richard Bateman including a specimen rainbow of four lbs two ozs in his return. Most catches came from the railings bank, although the wood bank and the tump are seeing fish caught. A number of the above then continued to the bottom pond to add to their returns. Stewart Gordon led the way with a catch and release limit, with Shaun Cotterell and Ken Bowring each netting a seven rainbow catch.

Alan Rees caught eight fish from two visits, with Fisheries Treasurer, Colin Jones adding another six fish to his season’s catch .Bryn Burgess landed five bottom pond rainbows including a fish weighing in at three lbs eight ozs, with Day ticket holder, Andy Hofrock also netting five trout. Martyn Williams landed a four fish catch, matched by Day ticket visitor, Gethin Jones. Another Day ticket visitor, Gerald Davies landed three fish as did Season Permit holder, Bernard Stephens. Dave Howells, Roy Jones, Dave Woods, Keith Higgins, Phil Morgan, Ivor Thomas and Barry Powell each caught two fish, whilst a boat session resulted in Ken Pascoe catching five trout and Roy Mealing returning with four fish. Green/Black buzzers and plain black buzzers provided the majority of catches.

Following a mid-week stocking, the quality of fishing improved even more, with numerous limits being recorded for both ponds. Six limits were landed from the bottom pond including those of Adrian Moyse, Ken Pascoe, Ken Bowring, Dave Slocombe, Paul Elsworthy and Dave Reynolds. Day ticket visitor Derek Hiscock landed seven trout, whilst a two fish return went to Martin Lewis, Ian Hewitt and Martin Rees. Lures including Damsel nymphs and Blobs plus occasional buzzers proved most effective on the bottom pond. On the top pond, Adrian Moyse added a further limit to his day’s return with day ticket holder, Jeff Wilson also netting eight fish. General Treasurer, Gwyn Davies enjoyed a good morning on the top pond reaching a limit for rainbow trout when he fished around the outlet with weighted buzzers, and also landed three brown trout, all in excess of one lb and representing the development of fingerling browns from the beginning of the previous season

Regular permit holder, Keith Higgins also recorded a limit, with Paul Ellsworthy and Dave Reynolds each landing five trout to add to their bottom pond catch. Head Bailiff, John Mcindo and long serving committee member, Brian Wareham caught four and two fish respectively when they fished the railings bank.

25th March

The top pond saw fish moving around the outlet/ horses’ bank side of the reservoir, which resulted in Richard Bateman netting a seven fish catch on black buzzers and Paul Ellsworthy landing three rainbows. An earlier visit by Gwyn Davies saw  four  trout being landed from the tump mainly via a size 14 Diawl Bach nymph fished as a dropper, with a fifth fish being added from near the horses bank. John Edwards also found fish from the top pond with a good brace, whilst Adrian Connor landed his rainbow from the outlet/railings bank using a gold head buzzer.

On the bottom pond, fishing has continued to be very good.  The majority of catches have been made along pear tree bank, with limits being taken by Adrian Moyse and Ken Bowring with Ken adding a further limit when he fished from in front of the house with a damsel lure fished deep. Roy Jones fished in and around pipe bay for a seven fish catch with Martin Rees netting four trout either side of the bay using a bloodworm pattern. Terry O’Connor and Alan Vaisey fished pear tree bank with each recording three fish, whilst a brace of rainbows were landed by Bernard Hartland, Chris Daniels, Colin Jones, Alan Rees, John Eynon and Dave Slocombe.  Buzzers accounted for most catches indicating, perhaps that water temperatures are rising, giving more chance of fish being caught just below the surface.

23rd March

The bottom pond continues to be the more productive of the two reservoirs, although catch returns are still very good for the top pond. Limits for the bottom pond include three for Ken Bowring, plus Adrian Moyse, Craig Bowles, Dave Howells and Bob Bradley. A seven fish return went to Keith Higgins with Dave Woods and Roger Harry netting six trout. Other good returns were made by Alan Rees and Dave Slocombe with four fish each. John Eynon netted three trout as did Barry Powell   with Day ticket visitor Alan Clark including an excellent specimen rainbow of four lbs three ozs in his three fish return. Dave Smith, Ivor Thomas and Brian Wareham all landed a brace of fish. A boat session saw Ken Pascoe and Howard Davies record five and four fish respectively.

On the top pond Jeff Wilson used his Day ticket to take a limit, with Dave Howells and Keith Higgins each recording a seven fish catch over two sessions. Steve Mitchell made on his first visits to the ponds to land four fish, whilst Dean Connelly, Barry Powell, and Bob Bradley all recorded three fish. Bernard Stephens, Norman Curtis, Paul Morgan and Brian Wareham each netted a brace of rainbows with Head Bailiff, John Mcindo also catching from the top pond. Best catches continue to come from the railings and the Wood/Forest bank on the top pond plus Pipe bay, Pear tree bank and the car park to bush bank on the bottom pond.

With slightly higher water temperatures more fish are being taken on buzzers, diawl bach patterns, pheasant tail weighted nymphs, and also on more lures such as Damsels and Cats whiskers

18th March

Ynysyfro continues to be exceptional value for money, with a full day’s fishing priced at £12 for visitors and £8 for members. The day ticket price is extremely good value in that permits a full days fishing subject to a 2 fish kill limit (you must stop fishing when you kill your second fish) and a 16 fish (8 fish per reservoir) catch and release limit. Juniors fishing with a responsible adult can fish for free (the junior must be with an adult who has paid a day ticket or who has a season ticket). The fishery is a friendly place and any persons wishing to try the reservoir for the first time are welcome to contact the committee for advice via the NRFFA email address

The quality of fish caught so far this season has been excellent, and at the present time, both reservoirs are fishing extremely well, with numerous limits being recorded.  Both reservoirs will be re-stocked prior to the Easter week end. Also as a registered “Troutmasters” water members and visitors have the opportunity to enter catches for Troutmasters’ badges.  The car park has been enlarged and provides security for all visitors/members, whilst committee members are regularly present to provide help and guidance for all. There are toilet facilities and a small ‘tea room’ with a kettle and fresh water available for all.

The top pond saw fewer catches with Ken Bowring taking another of his season’s limits so far, whilst a four fish return went to Dave Howells and Gwyn Davies, the latter using a variety of weighted nymphs for his catch. Paul Ellsworthy also fished the wood bank for a good brace of fish.

The bottom pond proved far more productive with two limits being recorded by Ken Bowring plus a further limit for John Eynon, Wynne Jones, Colin Jones and Alan Rees all netted five rainbows, with a four fish return being made by Ken Pascoe, Terry O’Connor and Shaun Cotterell. Dave Howells added a further three trout to his top pond four fish, whilst a brace of rainbows were netted by Keith Higgins, Alan Vaisey, Bernard Hartland and Brian Wareham

16th March

A rise in temperatures during the week has seen far more fish being caught on nymphs and buzzers on both ponds Lures such as Damsels, Cats whisker and Blobs have accounted for some returns but the opportunity to fish a floating line, long leader and weighted buzzers and nymphs has not been missed.

On the top pond, the railings bank and forest/wood bank have seen most fish caught, with Keith Higgins and Adrian Moyse each taking a limit to add to earlier catches. A six fish return went to John Evans, whilst four rainbows were netted by Dave Scott and Dean Connelly. New member, John Belcher caught four trout when he fished the top pond including fish over two lbs. Ken Bowring added a further three fish to his season’s total with Dave Scott, Kevin Pinkney, Dave Howells, Steve Snape, Dave Slocombe and Brian Wareham each recording a brace. Bob Bradley included a brown trout in excess of one lb when he fished alongside Keith Higgins.

The Bottom pond continues to fish well especially either side of Pipe Bay and down Pear Tree bank. Ken Bowring fished Pear tree for a limit plus nine fish from two further sessions, with Adrian Moyse fishing the bush bank for his eight fish. Another regular permit holder, Keith Higgins recorded thirteen trout from three bottom pond visits with Adrian Connor landing six trout from the bush bank. Bob Bradley netted five trout, with a four fish return being made Alan Rees, Alan Clark, and Phil Harper. Late afternoon sessions saw Colin Jones net three fish from the car park bank alongside John Mcindo with a brace of rainbows. Also landing two trout were Martin Rees, Martin Williams and John Evans. The majority of fish caught came to Black Buzzers, and Diawl bach nymphs.  Both ponds have received extra fish.